Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Getting Presentable

Today, I'm meeting my mom at her office for lunch, so I have to look slightly more put together and acceptable than normal. I really don't want to resort to actually putting on office wear though, so instead I'm wearing this dress (which I think is really supposed to be a swim cover up, oops) that I picked up for $8 at Target yesterday. Oh Target, what will I do without you when I go back to school?




issa said...

yay for target! i picked up a dress from there yesterday for a lil over 8 bucks too!

Jenny H. said...

ahh i love target!
they always have the cutest clothes at the cheapest prices. and most people dont even think to buy clothes from there, so you dont see that many people wearing the same things.

gotta love target.

Richel said...

love the simple black dress.

Savvy Mode SG said...

i love to buy little stuff at target. i like how you layer the cover up with a tank. wouldn't have known if you did say it is a cover up. cute.

Danz said...

That dress is really cute...the cut is very flattering on you. And $8 is a great price!

Thanks for your comment! Would you like to trade links?

MR style said...

yeah nice dress