Saturday, October 25, 2008

Roses, Roses, Everywhere!

My most enduring memory of childhood is probably of my mother's perfume. She had one bottle of some very old discontinued scent on her dresser for as long as I can remember, and she only wore it maybe twice a year for special occasions. But, when she did wear it, I was enchanted. It smelled musty, like an attic, but nevertheless all I wanted to do was wear some myself. Fast forward to college, when I actually start wearing and collecting perfume. Apparently, I've been rubbing off on my mom lately because she came home with not one, but TWO new fragrances in the past few months. Amazing! And they actually smell wonderful, not like old ladies. I actually find myself borrowing her perfume for nights out when I'm back at home. My favorite of her new scents, though, is definitely Fresh's Cannabis Rose. I just can't get enough! That said, I just bought this great gift set from Sephora for only $45! Especially since Fresh can be so expensive, it's a great deal that includes a body wash, 1oz perfume, and a body cream. I promise, one whiff and you'll be in heaven!


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ooh i'll have to check this fragrance out..