Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Getting to know you

I have been such a bad fashionwonk recently! My deepest apologies, but between papers, breaking up with my boyfriend, the death of my digital camera, and everything else in college I just haven't had time :( However, I did steal this cute little survey from We Wear Things, so I finally have something to post!

1. Clothes Shop
Urban Outfitters, Marshalls, and Loehmans.
2. Furniture Shop
I have actually never in my life bought furniture, thank god for pre-furnished university housing!
3. Sweet
Anything and everything, as long as its not bread pudding.
4. City
While I'm entirely devoted to DC, Phildelphia is stealing my heart.
5. Drink
Green Tea
6. Music
Rites of Spring, Fugazi
7. TV Series
Gossip Girl
8. Film
Motorcycle Diaries
9. Workout
I don't ever workout, I'm bad :(
10. Pastries
11. Coffee
Black <3


issa said...

oooh wow a new post!! yay for cupcakes :)

KATLIN said...

Oooh the Motorcycle Diaries!! I need to revisit that movie soon, I love Gael Garcia! :)