Wednesday, October 22, 2008

More shoes? Really?!

Crazy hectic day! Taking a quick break from my paper that's due tomorrow (eek!), classes, and advising appointments to show you the boots I bought! So cheap, so cute, and perfect for the chilly Philadelphia weather! I didn't realize what a great boot selection Target has, you should all really check it out!



Z said...

I saw these! thought, I didn't like the material that much. :(

But, yes, I was incredibly surprised by the shoe selection. I always am!

Stompface said...

ahhh boots!
and target yeah that's wild, my friend got these amazing boots there and I couldn't believe that's where they were from. This other girl at my work always wears amazing shoes and jeans and stuff, and always target! I have to go there again soon.

I have just talked alot about target.

anyways I wanted to check your blog as your name is Abby, and that's my name too, same spelling and everything(which isn't common) So hooray for having a cool name!

we wear things said...

oooh those are target boots?? fantastic..